Yumerium crowdsale opens 10. Jul 2018

Yumerium crowdsale date has been announced

Yumerium crowdsale opens on 10. Jul 2018.

About Yumerium

Play, review and Share to Earn Gaming Platform


Yumerium is the play to earn gaming platform powered by the blockchain. It focuses on three core features: cryptoprizes, limited edition copies and a referral system. For cryptoprize, imagine the tickets one wins upon achieving a high score at a local arcade. One can then use those tickets to get an item from the prize shop. Cryptoprize uses the same principle, except since Yumerium is decentralized, you can use it anywhere, either in an arcade or online for both physical and digital goods. Limited edition copies brings the collectibility of old school cartridges to the digital realm. By authenticating copies with the blockchain, we can make certain versions of games have a limited release. These copies have extra features and in-game items, and can be resold to a second hand market.

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