WOM Protocol crowdsale announced

WOM Protocol crowdsale announced

WOM Protocol team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About WOM Protocol

Bringing the power and reach of word-of-mouth to the blockchain


At WOM Token (Word-Of-Mouth Token) they believe that the future is ad-less. It is clearer than ever that the current advertising market is broken. In fact, YouTube sees their highest engagement not in likes or shares, but in people pushing the skip button. They are solving this by entering the blockchain space. At the end of this year they are launching a token – the WOM Token – a totally new monetization method for social networks and digital publishing platforms to recognise and reward content creators, whilst giving brands access to powerful word of mouth content. WOM protocol will reward content creators fairly, free influencers from in-authentic branded spam to their followers and bring an overall better content experience to the people who are watching and engaging with content every day. A protocol that is platform agnostic and vertical agnostic.

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