TrigID crowdsale opens 3. Sep 2018

TrigID crowdsale date has been announced

TrigID crowdsale opens on 3. Sep 2018.

About TrigID

Universal digital identity system


TrigID is the first and only Internet-based way to show that a real-world human is who they say they are. It enforces “one person, one identity” and you can verify that real-world identity with real-world identifiers like driver’s license numbers, SSN’s, addresses, phone numbers… All without giving anyone those identifiers.

What’s more, you can maintain a few passphrases in your head and use one or more of those to prove who you are to anyone, anywhere.

How is this possible? TrigID is a revolutionary, patent-pending “zero knowledge” validator of identity information inspired by geometric triangulation and its entire stucture is baked into public blockchain so it can’t be hacked or faked.

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