TokenMarket 2018 Summit Update – TokenMarket Partner With Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet, BRD Wallet

TokenMarket has today announced a string of partnerships and exciting new ventures within the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency space.

TokenMarket will be partnering with BRD Wallet to integrate its system into its platform. This will facilitate cryptocurrency users to contribute into upcoming ICOs listed on TokenMarket. Head of Business Development, Ryan Hanley revealed the partnership at TokenMarket’s 2018 Summit: ‘Insights into the Economy’.

For TokenMarket, it makes sense to offer our ICO sales to a secure and simple platform like BRD Wallet” said Hanley. “BRD Wallet users have all major cryptocurrencies in the palm of their hands, so having TokenMarket ICO projects in the same place means that users can buy into token sales without having to leave the app. We’re excited to be working with the team at BRD Wallet and we know that this partnership will be the start of something great.

The BRD Wallet allows users to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and a variety of other ERC20 tokens all from their mobile phones. BRD is a cryptocurrency application designed to introduce new users to the world of electronic currency. The application, available on both iOS and Android, gives users a simple view of all of their electronic assets, meaning that all crypto investments are kept within one place.

The simplicity of BRD Wallet is only matched by the level of security that it provides users. BRD Wallets are completely decentralised, linked directly to the blockchain via a 12-word paper generated paper key. This level of security means that even users have no account name, passwords or servers to worry about being hacked.

Working alongside TokenMarket, the BRD Wallet will allow their users to buy into upcoming ICOs that are all listed on TokenMarket’s website, as well as traditional cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to directly purchase into an ICO that TokenMarket has listed on the ICO calendar, meaning that real time results and projects will be found at their tips of their fingers.

This announcement comes as the first in a wave of many new partnerships for TokenMarket made at the 2018 Summit in Gibraltar.

About TokenMarket

TokenMarket is a premier ICO information portal and advisory firm. It combines its market experience, resources and data assets to create a professionally tailored solution to execute ICOs safely and securely, providing an end-to-end service for token creation, presale and public sale. TokenMarket’s ICO advisory service has partnered over 30 token sales including Storj, Populous, Monaco, Civic and Dent, raising over $300 million in total.