Stoby crowdsale opens 1. Dec 2018

Stoby crowdsale date has been announced

Stoby crowdsale opens on 1. Dec 2018.

About Stoby

Tokenized student job platform using blockchain for the student missions


Stoby is the first tokenized student job platform. Stoby sell free time to busy people and gives students the opportunity to benefit from additional income. They are the first job platform directly targeting the student community, completely rethinking and simplifying the way students find jobs. With the ICO, they are bringing Blockchain technology on their P2P platform to ensure transparency, trust, and traceability. Paid in tokens (STB), students will earn more and be able to spend their earnings on campus and with partners. Ultimately, they are building a network of millions of students gathered around a strong community and a unique currency, the STB.

Thus, Stoby stretches into people’s daily lives and has an impact beyond merely providing services. Intergenerational bond, transmission of knowledge and values, creation and improvement or personal networks, Stoby has a real social impact on its members’ life.
Beyond that, Stoby boosts the local economic fabric. On the one hand, the student’s additional income will allow them to consume more and have a higher standard of living. And on the other hand, individuals will enjoy more free time for them and their leisure. So we can say that Stoby operates as a leverage effect on the local economy.

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