Spending Cryptocurrency in the World: Wojciech Kaszycki Breaks Down the Mobilum Project

One of the biggest problems that cryptocurrency faces is the adoption by the masses, which is fueled in part by the difficulty in spending crypto in the everyday world. Two digital payment experts, Brent Almeida, CEO and Founder of Wavecrest and Wojciech Kaszycki, CEO and Founder of Mobilum, discuss how cryptocurrency needs to change in order to deliver mainstream adoption.

Wojciech and Brent go into great detail regarding the Mobilum project and ask the simple question: why is it so hard to spend crypto?

“If you want to go and pay for a coffee, you don’t think about using Bitcoin or Ether, you think about using dollars or pounds. But why? There is much debate about why it is so hard to spend cryptocurrencies but no one in the space is doing much to change that. That is where Mobilum comes in.”

Utilising the Mobilum solution, and learning from previous projects falling short of reaching its end roadmap, Mobilum provides a unique payment solution that allows users to pay anywhere, using any cryptocurrency with any payment card. Mobilum’s solution is the missing bridge between crypto and fiat currencies.

You can watch the full video discussion between Brent and Wojciech at the TokenMarket Summit 2018: Insights into the Token Economy, here.

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