SID Token crowdsale opens 15. Sep 2018

SID Token crowdsale date has been announced

SID Token crowdsale opens on 15. Sep 2018.

About SID Token

Share Internet Data


SID will offer Smartphone Users the possibility to access crowd-sourced internet shared by other Users of our “SHARE INTERNET DATA” ecosystem when they have no coverage or no data credit or simply no Internet access at a given location but they are nearby other SID smartphones who do have Internet access. This is achieved by using our innovative crowd sourced Internet in a peer-to-peer or peer-to-multi-peer structure overseen by a patent pending proprietary technology. The trading of tokens for megabytes of shared Internet will be done in an automated way through contracts secured by a blockchain. Such trades will create a liquid token (virtual voucher) market that could possibly trigger the unleashing of a vast amount of people coming out of poverty simply by the fact that they would have finally a means to access the Internet.

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