ScanetChain crowdsale announced

ScanetChain crowdsale announced

ScanetChain team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About ScanetChain

AR Blockchain


Scanetchain is an AR Dapp based on NEM platform. Using AR technology, Scanetchain digitally identifies all products, brands, and images around us both online and offline. By assigning a scannable marker to each object, users can scan items of physical objects with their smartphone camera without additional equipment or requirements and instantly access the paired Blockchain-based online platform. These features make it easy for users to search, purchase, and advertise with a simple scan, and they are essential to expanding the commercialized blockchain platform. AR contents are provided to the users using data streaming methods based on the cloud server. It is a technology that offers content streaming from the AR App like YouTube. AR Streaming allows fast pro-cessing itself. Also, it utilizes the AR camera module which is developed to work with AR streamed data. This Technology enables quicker and more precise AR scan of markers and allows recognition of 3D objects as well as specific images. Scanetchain is a Hybrid-blockchain composed of On-chain and Off-chain. As a blockchain designed for commercialization, It sustains both PROs of the blockchain and existing systems. Moreover, this will lead all commercialized blockchains for the next generation.

Scanetchain provides a compelling yet simple API to connect existing industries into the blockchain based on NEM Foundation blockchain technologies.

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