Robonomics crowdsale announced

Robonomics crowdsale announced

Robonomics team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
See Robonomics overview.

About Robonomics

Protocol designed to integrate Intelligent robots into the Human economy


Robonomics Network is an open protocol which creates a decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain for CPS-performed (cyber-physical systems) services, merging identical demand and offer messages into a liability smart contract. There are four main actors on the marketplace: CPS (sends offer messages to the marketplace), users (create demand and can be either people, entities or other CPS units), Lighthouses (find matching offer and demand messages for a specific CPS, in order to merge them into a liability smart contract) and the Observing network (only validates). After the smart contract is created, the user’s money is held in escrow until the CPS implements the service. Upon successful implementation of the service, the observing network reviews the results and makes the decision whether the implementation was successful. If so, the liability smart contract finalizes, the fees (in native RXT tokens) are paid to the Lighthouse and the CPS, and the user gets the services.

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