Rise crowdsale opens 1. Nov 2018

Rise crowdsale date has been announced

Rise crowdsale opens on 1. Nov 2018.

About Rise

Wall Street Advanced AI Trading for the Masses


Rise is a science-driven software technology company and innovator of machine learning and algorithmic trading systems. Rise’s AI-powered trading technology puts the power of Wall Street’s best financial and quantitative analysts into the hands of everyday investors. Rise’s time-tested trading technology is the power behind QUANTUMROCK, an exclusive German asset management firm with over $50,000,000 committed capital — outperforming the market since 2014. Rise was awarded as „Best European FinTech Asset Manager of 2016″​ and rated „The most innovative Professional Investment Product – Germany 2016″​. Rise’s vision is to bring advanced algorithmic trading to cryptocurrency markets and make this highly-profitable trading accessible to crypto investors via the RISE token. RISE investors receive regular payouts from Rise’s AI-powered ICO fund and licensing fees from banks and 3rd-party funds.

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