New Malware mines Cryptocurrencies While You Browse The Web

A new method of infecting computers with mining malware has been discovered.


The malware infects a user’s PC with a malicious JavaScript, that uses the victim’s CPU to mine cryptocurrencies.In this case, the attacker doesn’t  need to infect a user’s PC, He can send a malicious Javascript instead of a normal advertisement, and force the user’s CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. Majority of cryptocurrencies need a dedicated miner to make the process profitable.But some cryptocurrencies like Monero, whose main appeal is great privacy, can be profitably mined using only a CPU.

The main websites that provide traffic to the mining scripts are video streaming or in-browser gaming websites. These sites are used because the victim will probably spend more time on the same page.


There are several ways a user can protect himself, he can install a well-configured script or ad blocker, and by enabling detection of potentially unsafe Apps.