n.exchange crowdsale opens 15. Sep 2018

n.exchange crowdsale date has been announced

n.exchange crowdsale opens on 15. Sep 2018.

About n.exchange

A Whole Eco-system


n.exchange is a multi-component ecosystem, designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrency community’s needs. While solutions for those needs exist individually, across many platforms, they are not always implemented to perfection, and are often unreliable, non-transparent or hard to use. The five main components of the system are the Exchanges: HybriDEX multi-chain dex and n.exchange INSTANT, MultiPick multi-mining pool, EasyMerchant solution, and a line of complementary services including high quality content, the various utilities that leverage our open API, coin capitalisation and portfolio trackers and liquidity-sourcing services. By aggregating those components into one platform, they enhance user experience and eliminate redundancy, fees and funds transition time. Their goal is to maximise each one of the components individually, by providing an outstanding service with a sharp edge, for low fees; thus, becoming the industry’s first regulated, transparent,
high-liquidity A-Book broker. They are sourcing liquidity to traditional financial institutions and blue-chip companies

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