Moozicore crowdsale announced

Moozicore crowdsale announced

Moozicore team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
See Moozicore overview.

About Moozicore

Music Streaming on blockchain


Moozicore is revolutionary music streaming service for venues where music is essential for customers. Their service transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlists. Unlike Spotify, Tidal or any other non-commercial services, Moozicore is fully licensed and legal for businesses of all kinds.
With Moozicore mobile app customers control music in venues by:
> voting on upcoming music to influence when it’s played
> picking songs from venue’s pre-approved library to be played next
> adding songs to current venue’s playlist at the end of the queue
> sharing song plays on social media with photos and ‘tagged’ friends
Moozicore’s goal is to evolve places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues by creating personalized, social music experience for each customer.

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