Mix.rent crowdsale announced

Mix.rent crowdsale announced

Mix.rent team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Mix.rent

International blockchain-based marketplace for renting and sharing vehicles


Mix.Rent is an international blockchain-based marketplace for renting and sharing vehicles. The platform has been working since 2017. The service is currently available in the USA, Russia, Canada, Mexico and is preparing to be launched in Australia. The platform unites owners of various vehicles and renters, enabling people both to rent out and rent vehicles from owners at favorable prices. The project has gathered more than 6000 units of vehicles with daily bookings in different cities. Two investors have invested in the project. Unlike many blockchain-start-ups, we are working on a real-life developing business that allows people to rent and rent out cars, motorcycles, bicycles, yachts, power boats, helicopters and other vehicles in different countries across the world.

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