Lynchpin Token crowdsale announced

Lynchpin Token crowdsale announced

Lynchpin Token team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Lynchpin Token

Solving critical problems in the cryptocurrency industry


The birth of Lynchpin (LYN) token is to create a token that solves most of the crypto market problems at the current moment. They strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the way to move forward but the current situation of the market has a lot of problems that needs to be rectified. They are coming into the market currently to rectify the problems that plague the market today and they believe that we can solve most of them. They have merged and partnered with a lot of industry experts so that they can give you an all round product that solves the most critical problems in the industry. Their key motive is to merge the whole crypto market to be liquid in cross networking utility capabilities and come out with solutions for everyone that are believers in the crypto market. From their view, they believe that the whole industry should not fail and should come together to progress with one objective of moving forward to grow for the future.

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