Instant Assets Tokens crowdsale opens 15. Jun 2018

Instant Assets Tokens crowdsale date has been announced

Instant Assets Tokens crowdsale opens on 15. Jun 2018.

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The IA Tokens concept is a form of real estate tokenization and will be released via a process of Initial Coin Offering or ICO on the Ethereum network and will be ERC- compatible. The NIAT will be the local token equivalent of the IA Tokens. It will reside within each individual real estate market and is pegged against the country’s native currency. As such, each country will have its own NIAT. IAT aims to make property investment easily available to the masses by eliminating the traditional barriers which we have mentioned above through the digitization of assets. Utilizing smart contracts, terms of the transaction such as sale price, rental rate and commission will be pre-agreed and is immutable until the completion of the transaction.

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