HeyBeWell crowdsale opens 15. Sep 2018

HeyBeWell crowdsale date has been announced

HeyBeWell crowdsale opens on 15. Sep 2018.

About HeyBeWell

Your personal well-being dashboard


Hey, Be Well! is designed with a single purpose: to get you to accomplish your wellbeing goals with the help of Specialists and Suppliers. It integrates and connects all dimensions of wellbeing, facilitating a holistic approach to health, by empowering users to choose from a wide array of health goals from physical, to psychological, social or spiritual.
They believe that nutrition, mental health, fitness, sleeping patterns, mindfulness, spirituality and personal fulfillment play a significant role in our overall health. A person’s well-being should not be solely defined by their biological health. As a User, you can choose your goal, stake tokens and gain access Hey, Be Well!’s Goal-focused community, overview your goal progress and data, connect with specialists and suppliers and receive all the support and resources you need in order to accomplish your wellbeing goals.

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