Fiii crowdsale opens 1. Nov 2018

Fiii crowdsale date has been announced

Fiii crowdsale opens on 1. Nov 2018.

About Fiii

Making Cryptocurrencies Available to All


Fiii aims to promote the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies throughout the world.

Fiii’s ecosystem comprises of five different tech arms.

FiiiPOS – The Only mobile instant cryptocurrency payment terminal in the world to be compatible with up to 1500 cryptocurrencies. Supporting unique DPoC. Over 2200 POS already launched in Asia and 15000 on order as of September 2018.

FiiiPay – Mobile Wallet App compatible with FiiiPOS. Over 350k registered users as of September 2018.

FiiiEx – CryptoCurrency exchange platform built to support FiiiPOS and FiiiPAY

FiiiChain – Customizable blockchain framework enabling plug and play feature for commercial application

FiiiCoin – Cryptocurrency created using FiiiChain, focusing on long term stability and commercial viability.”

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