Crypto Circle eXchange crowdsale opens 29. Dec 2018

Crypto Circle eXchange crowdsale date has been announced

Crypto Circle eXchange crowdsale opens on 29. Dec 2018.

About Crypto Circle eXchange

Crypto Exchange on the Blockchain


CryptoCircle eXchange is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange powered by a cutting edge technology that is capable of over 10 million transactions per second. Their customers depend on them, as much as they, upon them. In this world of give and take, it has never been as transparent as right now, when dealing with our exchange. They want others to look at the symbol they have, and remember instantly their connection with their customers. At its core, CryptoCircle eXchange is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange focused on speed, safety, scalability, and customer support. They will issue their own token called the CryptoCircle eXchange Coin, with CCX as the symbol. CCX is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

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