Binkabi crowdsale announced

Binkabi crowdsale announced

Binkabi team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Binkabi

Platform for issuing and trading commodities on the blockchain


Binkabi is a platform for issuing, trading and financing commodities on the blockchain.
Binkabi is transforming commodity supply chain in emerging markets, for the benefits of farmers, SMEs and other actors. They develop solutions to solve real-life issues, leveraging Binkabi Commodity Tokenisation Protocol:

– Farmers: Through their ‘Uber for grains’​ solution, farmers can sell to a larger market and get cash immediately;
Option to use warehouse receipts as collateral for loan whilst waiting for higher prices to sell

– Warehouse operators: Increase asset utilisation, revenue/profits; Contribute to lower post-harvest loss

– Exporters: Access to finance at reasonable costs for commodity aggregation; Buy directly from farmers improving profitability for all; Ensure contract performance (reduce defaults)

– Buyers: Secure supply of commodities directly from end sellers; Inventory finance solution that reduces working capital requirement (on balance sheet; Full traceability of commodities through the supply chain

– Banks: Settlement and collateralised lending on tokenised warehouse receipts; Automated enforcement and streamlined processes reducing costs to serve SMEs; ‘Single source of truth’​ to accurately assess credit risk.

– Commodity exchanges: ‘0x of commodity exchanges’​; Binkabi acts as the common post-trade settlement and delivery technology and liquidity layers – towards the Global Order Book; hedging product innovations.

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