Best Upcoming ICOs

ICO is a way for entrepreneurs to get funding from anybody in the world who has cryptocurrencies.

Here  are the most promising ICOs for September:

1. NaPoleonX is developing an algorithmic crypto asset manager. The platform uses smart contracts to improve overall governance. NaPoleonX will start its ICO on September 29th.

2.Utrust is a revolutionary global payment system with buyer protection. Utrust’s ICO starts on September 20th.

3.Centra Tech will create its own credit card, which people will be using in the real world, for buying groceries and train tickets. Because Floyd Mayweather has promoted this ICO it will have no problem raising funds. Centas’s ICO will begin on September 19th.

4.Goldmint will try to back digital assets with commodities (gold and gold ETF).Goldmint crowdsale kicks off on September 20th.

5.Pylon Network is developing a decentralized exchange for the energy sector. Pylon will allow green energy to be exchanged without the need for Intermediaries.The ICO is set to launch on September 25th.

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