Bamboo crowdsale announced

Bamboo crowdsale announced

Bamboo team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Bamboo

Microinvestments platform


Bamboo is a microinvestments platform that allows anyone to seamlessly purchase cryptographic assets, like Bitcoin. It’s an easy, secure, and effective way to participate in the blockchain revolution. All you need is a mobile phone and a bank account to get started.The community requires a simple, secure, accessible and global platform. With over one thousand cryptocurrencies on the market, knowing what and how to buy is a complicated process that involves digital wallets, exchanges, passphrases, and other security requirements. Bamboo takes the confusion and complexity away by easily facilitating the automatic purchase of a diversified portfolio of cryptographic assets with as little as one dollar. By enabling microinvestment, participation in the blockchain ecosystem becomes a simple part of their users’ daily routine.

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