Bailsman crowdsale announced

Bailsman crowdsale announced

Bailsman team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Bailsman

Blockchain-based solution for clients to exchange their security deposits for guarantees


Bailsman – a quick and easy blockchain-based security deposit solution for clients who don’t have the required amount of money or simply prefer to spend it on something else. Bailsman provides a third party guarantee to the merchant for a small monthly fee that is paid by the client, instead of making the security deposit payment and tying up the cash. Merchants can rest assured, as there is no risk of not receiving the requested claim amount. Bailsman only provides guarantees that are 100% backed by licensed financial institutions or telecom companies, and will be paid out irregardless of the client’s financial situation. All the provided information and processes inside the platform are time-stamped and recorded using blockchain technology. This allows financial institutions and telecom companies to be sure that their decisions are based on accurate information and merchants — that Bailsman’s guarantees are really backed by the presented companies.

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