Aenco crowdsale announced

Aenco crowdsale announced

Aenco team is proud to announce their crowdsale.
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About Aenco

HealthTech Financial Solutions Platform Supported by the Aenco Blockchain


AENCO is a platform that will support real life business applications, particularly in the field of healthcare and medical technology and financial solutions. Aenco’s end-to-end platform comprises of two core sub-platforms: a) the “Aenco Blockchain” and b) the “Aenco Financial Solutions Application Platform”. In relation to b), Aenco’s financial solutions platform will be a real life use case of the Aenco Blockchain in itself and all the detailed information can be found on their separate paper ( and on their website: ( AENCO’s HealthTech Financial Solutions Platform is supported by its own Blockchain. Its blockchain is designed to enable businesses to customize a range of impactful real life applications. It will also support an array of decentralized financial applications to support the HealthTech community/users and other business sectors. One such application is the HealthTech Financial Solutions Platform, that catalyses emerging healthcare technologies and companies with: institutional financing, prime brokerage, and smart capital solutions under one umbrella

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