Bitcoin Cash is going south and reaches $320 today

Did you know that Bitcoin Cash was at $800 a while back? Today, it is around $320 and it is ...
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IMF may create its own cryptocurrency

IMF  Director Christine Lagarde suggested that the IMF might create its own cryptocurrency. In the last few months, a lot ...
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Coinbase plans to support both chains after SegWit2x is implemented

Coinbase one of the best exchanges in the world has promised to give users access to both versions of the ...
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Solar startup Power Ledger raises 34 million AUD with its ICO

The first ICO in Australian history raised 34 million AUD. This was very surprising for the company itself because it ...
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Ethereum breaks through $300 resistance

This week was pretty calm in the cryptocurrency space. there wasn't any breaking news and prices were relatively stable. Today ...
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